The new iPod Shuffle

March 12, 2009

I already have a problem with the new iPod Shuffle – because the controls are built into the headphones, Apple has made it impossible for me to use my current Shure, in-ear, noise canceling headphones which I love. Apple’s stock iPod headphones are notorious for being uncomfortable, flimsy and produce questionable sound quality (there is a lack of balance between the lows and highs with no mids whatsoever). With this vendor lock-in, I’m not going to venture into the Apple store and pick up the new Shuffle, even though my current Shuffle needs to be replaced.

I think it’s time I pursued the player my friend Rajit picked up from Best Buy – for $50, it has a screen with the current track’s information and a radio. Good deal I say…


One Response to “The new iPod Shuffle”

  1. hoy mismo he visto en internet una persona q iso un record de 40 millones. io estaba bolado al ver q mi record es de 3 millones. sin duda alguna al ver los 40 millones en me di cuenta q me falta mucho por recorrer. Come on

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