Interesting paragraphs from the article on how Microsoft Quietly Making Untold Millions

To put this in another way, if a domainer profits from a specific domain that potentially resembles a trademark, he is accused of bad faith, relieved of his domain, and quite possibly slapped with a lawsuit. But if Microsoft does this with not just one, but all non-existent domains (a virtually infinite number), it’s not bad faith because they aren’t specifically targeting a single trademark owner.

Obviously, this wouldn’t be Microsoft if they wouldn’t also go out and hunt down and sue “cybersquatters” – all the while keeping a straight face.

The Daily Domainer believes that Microsoft will prevail in its quest for typo profits while traditional squatters, who actually have to register typo domains and put their neck on the line in order to profit from them, will increasingly run into problems.

Microsoft is not the only company that has recognized the incredible profits that can be made with this strategy.

Last September, Earthlink started its own program to intercept requests for non-existent domains and redirects them to a customized page filled with ads and alternative search suggestions. Charter got into the game just a few days ago. And Mozilla is leaving millions of dollars on the table by not doing something similar with Firefox.

Time for Mozilla to stand up and take notice of this revenue generating scheme?