Extending the Web-Based Ad Revenue Model to more Media Types

February 3, 2007

After having seen the RIAA and the MPAA struggle with curbing Piracy and handing out lawsuits like they are going out of style, I wonder if there is a way to make users stop pirating content. If the numbers from the iTunes Music and Video Stores is to be believed, users are willing to pay for their content if procuring it is both cheap and trivial. Think about it though, TV wasn’t supposed to be paid for by the user – one could argue that since the terrestrial transmission of some of the most popular downloads (music and video) is free, the content should be free from the download sites too. How then can the store and the content creator make money?

In the Web paradigm, content creators make money via advertising. It would be interesting to investigate distributing content that is supported by advertising to users’ computers, hand-held devices, et al. If you have thoughts on this idea, please write me a comment – I plan to continue thinking along these lines and might write up a paper soon.


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