How did Leopard get its spots?

August 12, 2006

The Apple WWDC 2006 has got a lot of press coverage, mostly negative, that has lead people to wonder if the creative spark has extinguished. While reading this opinion piece on another piece by Paul Thurott, I encountered a rarity – profundity within a comment. I thought I’d share the comment with you:

Let us not forget that the entire original Mac GUI, even down to the mouse is a rip-off of stuff that Xerox was working on at PARC years ago.

In software, there is RARELY anything truly new under the sun, virtually everything is derivative in some form or fashion.

I think it is time that people stopped comparing who invented what and instead focused on the usability of the systems that are released. The quarreling over mundane details should be supplanted by focusing on the end-to-end story. As a Microsoft employee I have to say, Apple leads the way when it comes to thinking of the customer’s usage scenarios holistically. Hopefully MS will eventually get their house in order, soon…

You can read the entire story :here:.


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