The Intel Core 2 Duo

August 30, 2006

To quote a paragraph from the final notes on this new processor from Intel,

Now that Intel has shipped the mobile version of its Core2 CPUs, we can see that Intel has substantially met its goals with Core2 Duo. However, the new CPU can be quite power hungry under certain circumstances, thought the improved power management should mitigate battery life somewhat.

You can read the entire article :here: I am going to return the Mac Book and wait for new laptops to be released with the new processors. I am tempted to buy a Dell though since there are machines available for less than $500. Compare that to the Mac that costs more than $1100 and the choice to go with the Mac becomes more difficult…


Read the entire news article :here:

A user called “viodentia” on the the message boards a DVD conversion has posted links to a program called FairUse4WM that is capable of cracking Microsofts DRM 10, which protects files offered by PlaysForSure-commpatible music stores. The program is an easy-to-use front end to an app called drmbg that strips DRM headers from “secure” WMA files. Although he apparently developed the program to allow people to play their legally purchased music on the device of their choice, the potential for abuse is fairly high.

What does this portend for music subscription services?

Go Vista!

August 25, 2006

The Built-in administrator account is disabled in Pre-RC1 Vista Builds. Who made this extremely stupid decision? First, someone conceives LUA, which makes my machine unusable. Now the powers that be decide to disable the “Administrator” account. When I try to enable it, I am told that “This account has been disabled. Please see your System Administrator.” I am the friggin’ system administrator for crying out loud!

UTTER BULL CRAP if you ask me. Such measures are intentionally designed to reduce productivity and for once, something does exactly what it is designed for.

You can download nightly builds of Cocoa Firefox now from :here:

Woot Woot!

The Apple WWDC 2006 has got a lot of press coverage, mostly negative, that has lead people to wonder if the creative spark has extinguished. While reading this opinion piece on another piece by Paul Thurott, I encountered a rarity – profundity within a comment. I thought I’d share the comment with you:

Let us not forget that the entire original Mac GUI, even down to the mouse is a rip-off of stuff that Xerox was working on at PARC years ago.

In software, there is RARELY anything truly new under the sun, virtually everything is derivative in some form or fashion.

I think it is time that people stopped comparing who invented what and instead focused on the usability of the systems that are released. The quarreling over mundane details should be supplanted by focusing on the end-to-end story. As a Microsoft employee I have to say, Apple leads the way when it comes to thinking of the customer’s usage scenarios holistically. Hopefully MS will eventually get their house in order, soon…

You can read the entire story :here:.

The Whole Story

Jobs also looked gaunt and tired on stage. He has grown a short beard, which almost seems to be there to hide his haggard face. He looked much older than he did at the January Macworld San Francisco keynote, and he didn’t even have “one more thing” to present at the end. I certainly hope all is well with Steve, but is he unwell? Is he planning to step down from Apple?

But what would Apple be without Steve Jobs?

Honestly, I don’t think I want to know what Apple will be without SJ. Makes me think of the line, “The awful thought still follows me that even Kings can die.”

If you were so inclined, how would you setup a machine that dual booted Windows XP and Windows Vista?

If I were you, I’d definitely be so inclined… Here is how you do this?

Here is a :kb article: that explains this in detail.
In case you want to know how to do this without clicking on another link, here are some 10000ft type steps. Use extreme caution and, caveat emptor.

  1. Install XP
  2. Install Vista
  3. Use bcdedit.exe in a Vista admin command window to add an entry for XP.
    • bcdedit /create {ntldr} /d “Earlier Windows OS Loader”