Firefox fanboy no more

July 26, 2006

I like the new IE 7.0 in Vista, like it to the point where I might consider switching back to using it full time over Firefox. This is a big statement coming from me. From the first time I started using browsers, I’ve used some variant of Netscape – Netscape 4 and 4.5, every Mozilla, Phoenix, Firebird and Firefox release there has been. That’s more than 8 years of browsing the web sans IE. I remember how Usha got so mad at me when I uninstalled IE5.0 from her machine and installed Netscape 4.5 instead. That it would break her web browsing experience to the extent that it did was something I hadn’t foreseen.

Dealing with badly rendered websites has become the norm since I decided to stick with Netscape. IE7.0 mucks up some pages too so it feels more like home than did earlier versions. But wait – I can’t theme it, I can’t extend it, I can’t… Do I really want to do any of those things anymore? All I care about is opening a browser and viewing sites on the web. IE can do that just fine… 


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